Three thoughtful Valentine's Day gift ideas

Looking to make this Valentine’s Day truly memorable? Look no further! We’ve gathered three thoughtful gift ideas, as well as a classic cocktail recipe to add a special touch to your day of romance.


For her, why not go for a pair of our beautiful champagne coupes? Available in a variety of patterns and colours, including our rose and smoky shades. Brilliant to pair with a bottle of champagne.

Champagne saucer with oval design, £16. Rose champagne saucer with stars design, £17. Smoky champagne saucer with lens design, £16.



If you’re shopping for him, consider our sophisticated whisky glasses. They’re ideal for savouring a single malt whisky, but also great for enjoying any other preferred drink. 

A pair of whisky glasses with lens design, £32.

Pair of whisky glasses with lens design, £32.


And for those who appreciate the timeless charm of flowers, why not combine your bouquet with our delicate posy vase? It’s the perfect finishing touch to any floral arrangement.

A small vase with fern design, £26. A small vase with ovals design, £26.


And why stop there? If you’re staying in and really want to elevate the evening, why not treat yourself to a cocktail. If you ask us, you can’t go wrong with a classic negroni. Plus, we’ve got the perfect barware to bring this drink to life.


Recipe for two:

50ml gin

50ml vermouth

50ml Campari

Twist of orange peel

  1. Pour the liquids into our Mixing Glass with ice, and stir until it’s ice cold.
  2. Add ice to the Crystal Whisky Glasses, and strain equally between the glasses.
  3. Garnish each drink with an orange twist.
  4. Voilà - your classic negroni is ready to be served!  
A pair of whisky glasses with stars design, £32. An amber muddler, £7.50. A mixing glass with fern design, £30.   

Pair of whisky glasses with stars design, £32. Amber muddler, £7.50. Mixing glass with fern design, £30.

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