Cocktail Hour!

With everyone going a bit cocktail mad, from the 8pm zoom quarantine to Stanley Tucci’s guide to the perfect Negroni at home, we have been delving into the cocktail archives to see what people used to enjoy. What is clear, is that they drank a lot! Cocktails were thought to be invented during the prohibition era when people had to disguise the alcohol with fruit juice. There must be some element of truth in this. Flicking through my copy of The Savoy book of Cocktails, what really tickles me are the names: The bunny Hug, the earthquaker, the corpse reviver. Seemingly all as dangerous as they sound and you would probably only order them if you were already on your third drink.

Here at Vintage Towers, probably our favourite and most refreshing cocktail is the cucumber & Mint gimlet:

50ml Gin (or Vodka)

2 slices of cucumber (about 1cm thick)

4 -5 mint leaves

25ml fresh lime juice

20ml Sugar Syrup (1 to 1 caster sugar to water)

Muddle the cucumber in your shaker, clap the mint between your hands to release the oils and add them to the muddled cucumber and all the other ingredients. Shall well together with ice. Strain into a chilled coupe. Garnish with a slice of cucumber.

Beautifully refreshing.

However, when I get my hands on some decent Absinthe I am going to give the corpse reviver a go!