Champagne flutes vs coupes

Champagne glasses are a must-have for any household. We love both of our designs, and here we look at the differences that set flute and coupe glasses apart, whether you’re looking for more of a party-friendly glass or prefer to savour the taste of your bubbly!


Our champagne coupes are reminiscent of the romantic bygone era of the 20’s and 30’s, and makes us think of Great Gatsby-esque parties. The difference from the iconic flute design lies in the shallow bowl positioned atop a slender stem. This allows for faster bubble bursting and a fuller flavour, making these glasses - the first type made especially for serving Champagne - more about taste.

A pair of champagne coupes, £32.


Champagne flutes on the other hand, favour bubbles. An immediately recognisable design, they are held at the stem so your hands don’t warm the champagne, and their slim design encourages bubbles aplenty. Being easy to hold and difficult to spill makes this delicate glass perfect for parties! Our champagne flutes are a classic take on the original, with a slim baluster stem, suitable for any bottle of bubbly.

A set of four champagne flutes, £60.

Now that you know the differences between the two, you can choose the perfect glass for your home. Our glassware are all inspired by timeless English antiques and come in a range of patterns and colours, ready for any occasion.

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